BBC, Daily Mail, Good Morning America: 'Let Them Wear Shorts' WIN global media coverage

Scrapped bikini rule sparks hope for 'end of sexism and objectification of women and girls in sport'

Overnight, Talitha Stone's #LetThemWearShorts petition victory attracted global media attention. Launched in July, the petition called on the International Handball Federation to dump its requirement for women beach handball players to compete in bikini bottoms and to allow them to wear shorts. Talitha announced a win last week after the IHF swapped bikinis for shorts in its updated Beach Handball Rules of the Game.  

Norwegian Handball Federation President Kåre Geir Lio has since told media that 'female players had told him they played better in the tight shorts, and were “very satisfied” with their new ability to choose the length'.

Here are some media highlights:

Talitha Stone on Radio New Zealand - click image below to listen



Handball federation changes uniform rules after bikini row

Handball federation changes uniform rules after pressure over ‘sexist’ bikini rule

Handball federation scraps 'sexist' rule requiring female players to wear bikinis

International Handball Federation reverses decision to force women's beach handball players to wear bikini bottoms

Beach handball players celebrate end of 'archaic' rule mandating bikini bottoms

Handball governing body changes clothing regulations after allegations of sexism

Handball Federation gets rid of bikini uniform rule after accusations of sexism: "Why should female athletes be punished for wearing an outfit which is functional and practical?"

Handball federation changes uniform requirements after 'sexist' bikini rule outcry

Handball Bosses Backtrack on Bikinis to Allow Women to Play in Shorts

Handball officials ditch women’s bikini rule following global outcry

From bikinis to bike shorts: Handball authorities back down and scrap 'sexist' uniform rules after Norway's women's team was fined for ditching skimpy bottoms


International Handball Federation scraps ‘ridiculous’ bikini rule|International Handball Federation scraps ‘ridiculous’ bikini rule

Handball Federation Finally Scraps Sexist Bikini Rule With Uniform Changes

Will an end of sexism in sport help improve pay?

Image: News topped The Daily Beast's headline list

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