Sign the pledge for a world where women and girls are valued and respected

When you sign the pledge below, you’ll be adding your voice to a growing number of Australians who are standing up against objectification and sexualisation, and working towards a better future for women and girls.

I pledge to stand for…

  • A world where girls and women know where their true worth lies, and can fulfil their potential and contribute.
  • Higher standards for corporations, advertisers, marketers and media that currently objectify women and sexualise girls to sell products and services.
  • An end to the sexploitation of women and girls.
  • The exposure of corporations, advertisers, marketers and media engaging in practices that are offensive and harmful, especially to women and girls.
  • An end to the increasing pornification of culture

Who's signing

Wayne Logan
Lyndal Ramm
Dianne Lo
Linda LB Barrett
Leonie Noonan
Ray Pipping
Nick Flight
Nola Drum
Nicole Attard
Jane MacDougall
scott eccles
Angela Ruggiero
Michelle Harris
Susan Neale
Kat Keen
Wendy Pleasance
Kathleen Matthews-Ward
Linda DalCastello
Caitlin Elliott
Catherine Diggins
Marlize De Beer
Jason Wright
Stephanie Schwarz
Terri Dry
Margaret Tomelty
Daniel Humphries
Georgina Ashworth
Pam & James McDonald
Esther Rea
10,000 signatures

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