Sign the pledge for a world where women and girls are valued and respected

When you sign the pledge below, you’ll be adding your voice to a growing number of Australians who are standing up against objectification and sexualisation, and working towards a better future for women and girls.

I pledge to stand for…

  • A world where girls and women know where their true worth lies, and can fulfil their potential and contribute.
  • Higher standards for corporations, advertisers, marketers and media that currently objectify women and sexualise girls to sell products and services.
  • An end to the sexploitation of women and girls.
  • The exposure of corporations, advertisers, marketers and media engaging in practices that are offensive and harmful, especially to women and girls.
  • An end to the increasing pornification of culture

Who's signing

Daniel Humphries
Stephen Bullied
Georgina Ashworth
Pam & James McDonald
Esther Rea
Kerin Peterson
Lindsay Wilson
Franca Calorio
Lynette Nicol
Shirley Hogg
Rebecca Cameron
Jeremy Luchow
Yasmin Howard
Marian Quinn
Costante Conte
Valmai Walters
Suzie Thompson
Louise Peters
Annette Skarschewski
Andrea Franke
Paula Cassell
Ariel Casanova
Deanna Forsythe
Laura Cavallo
Beck Gough
Laura Goelst
Bob Boyce
Andrew Lovell-Simons
Samuel Jordan
10,000 signatures

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