Making porn fashionable: New York Fashion Week Pornhub partnership a slap in the face for women

*Content warning - Facts and censored images may be distressing*

Pornhub ambassador Asa Akira, along with performers Marica Hase and Jade Kush will walk the runway at New York Fashion Week for fashion label Namilia. Pornhub, owned by Canada based company Mindgeek, is a free video sharing and pornographic website. Pornhub describes itself as one of the most prolific adult websites, averaging 92 billion video views a year.


Designers Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl said that having the Pornhub "stars" model their new collection called "Herotica" was a "Feminist Statement." Li told Page 6:

'The cosmos of sexual pleasure has been restricted to a few boring and chauvinistic narratives for the pleasure of the male gaze,'  

'Porn isn't something existentially male. Most women just have been excluded from determining the narrative.' 

Namilia’s designs are chiefly concerned with dressing their models in garments shaped as vulvas or brandished with the outline of a penis and testicles. Namilia isn't changing a narrative. They’re objectifying these women even further, treating them as a canvas for middle school graffiti and calling it "fashion."

Namilia claims to be "revolutionary" but this isn't a novel idea or a "feminist statement." This is old school misogyny with glitter. What Nan Li describes as "boring" is a world of rape, sexual abuse and torture of countless women and girls.

Partnering with Pornhub is clearly a publicity stunt for Namilia to gain exposure through "controversy." Pornhub, with its sights set on mainstream validity, is happy to oblige. New York Fashion week is an iconic semi annual event which first took place in 1943. For Pornhub, a partnership with New York Fashion Week is a significant milestone in its advancement towards mainstream acceptance.

Behind the glamorous veneer and the publicity stunts is a world of pain for women and girls

We have been exposing Pornhub and mainstream news media complicity in promoting the site for years. Pornhub is known to host footage of underage girls, has been uncooperative when asked to pull down so-called ‘revenge porn’, hosts footage of sex trafficking victims and prostituted women.

Child sexual exploitation and abuse on Pornhub

A 15 year old girl missing for almost a year has been located by authorities after her mother found almost 60 videos of the girl on Pornhub.

Sex trafficking footage on Pornhub

In August 2019 it was reported that 22 women were suing the owners of porn label Girls Do Porn for fraud, claiming they were lied to and tricked into making porn. Despite this, Pornhub continued to host Girls Do Porn as an offical Pornhub channel.

Three men and one woman were subsequently arrested and charged with sex trafficking offences. One man fled the US and remains a fugitive at large.

A Motherboard investigation reported in Vice just yesterday, Pornhub doesn't care, revealed that Pornhub continues to host hundreds of Girls Do Porn videos, despite claiming to have "high-tech solutions" to stop the distribution of these videos.

Deepfakes and "Revenge Porn" aka Image based abuse on Pornhub

Pornhub continues to violate women by hosting Deepfake videos of non-consenting women on the site. Despite claiming it would ban Deepfake videos there is no evidence to suggest that Pornhub is taking this issue seriously.

According to a BBC report Pornhub owners profit from revenge porn and have been uncooperative and unresponsive to requests from women desperate to have images and videos of themselves taken down from the site.

Eroticising rape, abduction, child sexual abuse on Pornhub

Pornhub hosts footage of rape and eroticises horrific sexual abuse of women & girls at the hands of predators like Larry Nassar and Harvey Weinstein.

Countless videos feature women's torture, pain and humiliation for men's sexual gratification.

Pornhub features simulated and real footage of child sexual abuse and rape for men's sexual gratification. 

Pornhub is a monument to women’s misery and destruction. And now New York Fashion Week intends to promote Pornhub as a “feminist statement.” What a slap in the face for women and girls who have had the worst moments of their lives distributed on Pornhub for men’s entertainment.

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