Sexist and degrading: Wicked Campers slogans should be banned

Susanne Legena, CEO of children’s rights organisation Plan International Australia writes about the private members bill to deregister Wicked Camper vans that violate Ad Standards.

A wife – an attachment you screw on the bed to get housework done” and “In every princess, there is a little slut who wants to try it just once”.

These are just a taste of the intentionally offensive, degrading slogans that are scrawled in spray-paint across the infamous Wicked Campers vans now at the centre of a state political debate.

On Wednesday, State Parliament is set to debate a private member’s Bill moved by Labor’s status of women spokeswoman Katrine Hildyard to deregister such vehicles that have complaints against them upheld. When Queensland passed similar legislation, the company simply registered the offending vehicles in another state, which is why the LNP Opposition deemed the move tokenistic.

Other than ignoring the fact that if all states and territories passed the legislation, this loophole would be closed – and it’s already being considered by other state governments – here’s why this sort of legislation is not only highly symbolic, but also necessary. 

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