Sex industry exhibition Sexpo rebrands as LoveX – a transparent attempt to shed its seedy image and appeal to a wider audience

*Content warning*

Sex industry exhibition Sexpo, with attractions including fetish demonstrations, replica vaginas and live porn shows, has rebranded as LoveX – a transparent attempt to shed its seedy image and appeal to a wider audience.


This is the same Sexpo that hosted rapist Ron Jeremy as a “special guest” despite multiple allegations of rape and sexual misconduct.


The same Sexpo that tweeted a rape joke.


The same Sexpo that visually defaced the entrance of Luna Park amusement park by parking a penis-shaped truck in front of its iconic entrance, an open mouth.


The same Sexpo that advertised to an audience of children on school buses, and public buses servicing school routes complete with URLs to live-streamed porn shows featuring young women engaged in graphic sex acts – accessible to any child with a smartphone.


At Collective Shout we argued that Sexpo’s promotion of porn and prostitution to children on their way to school was tantamount to grooming. Sexpo tried to sue us, but they failed – and were ordered to pay our costs.

I wrote about our victory over Sexpo in Dignity Journal.

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You can defend their right to childhood

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