Soft approach on child exploitation material is a betrayal to the community

A Queensland man found with 14 hours of video and over 500 images of child exploitation material has received an 18 month suspended sentence. Christopher Edward Hunt had become desensitised to violent porn and had been collecting images and videos of children being tortured and engaging in sex acts with animals. 


The 31 year old lived with his parents and after police raided his house he admitted to possessing child exploitation material and sexually abusing the family's Staffordshire terrier. 

Christopher Edward Hunt appeared in Southport District Court on the Gold Coast on Monday, charged with two counts of bestiality, one count of using a carriage service to access child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography.

But despite the fact that the combined maximum jail term for the three offences is more than 30 years, the 31-year-old will not spend a single night behind bars.

The decision angered children’s rights activists, with Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston telling the Gold Coast Bulletin that the soft approach on child pornography was “betraying the community.”

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