Letter to Westfield...The majority of shoppers in your establishment are women. Respect them.

From Amanda:

"I am writing to complain about your choice to allow and profit from, Honey Birdette, being given a  platform to brazenly advertise to your customers using highly sexualised porn inspired imagery within your ‘family friendly’ shopping centres.

There are significant community concerns for the harm these kinds of images have had and continue to have on the collective cultural psyche regarding the objectification of women.

Shame on you for allowing the perpetration of a warped cultural acceptance in  portraying women in a sexual, degrading way. 
We are in a cultural crisis with an alarming escalation in domestic violence primarily against women as well as 
a significant pornography epidemic in which boys are being misled into believing woman are there for their personal 
sexual gratification. This is a crisis being played out in schools, homes, work places and social media 24/7 and highly sexualised public images such as these do a great job in reinforcing these extremely harmful mindsets. In supporting and allowing this store a platform within your shopping centres to display its porn inspired images in such a public way, and to be making a profit from it, you are a contributor.

Myself and my friends  are surprised that Westfield would align itself with this degrading imagery considering the 
amount of families that support your business.
I am personally no longer shopping in your malls until Honey Birdette is either closed or at the very least is forced to keep its imagery within its store. I am very involved in my community and this topic frequently comes up in discussions particularly with mothers of teenage boys who are doing their best to teach them to respect women,  so I  know that I am not alone in my stance. 

Please consider the broader community and your contribution to it. Especially considering that the majority of shoppers in your establishment are women. Respect them.



This letter was supplied to us by a member of Collective Shout. Join Amanda in contacting Westfield and letting them know why you won't be shopping there this Christmas. 

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Call or email the operator of Westfield – the Scentre Group. Details here:Scentre Group Support Office & Switch

You may wish to respectfully express your concerns to Westfield AU CEO Peter Allen [email protected] or the chairperson Brian Schwartz whose secretary is [email protected]

Get on to social media and tweet your disappointment. Don’t forget to tag Westfield @westfieldau and Collective Shout @collectiveshout and use the hashtag #BoycottWestfield

Contact your local Westfield Centre Management about the lack of advertising standards in their Centre. Ring or pop into your local store and make a complaint in person.

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