Don’t let Australian advertisers get away with sexism and objectification

Sign the petition to call on the ASB and the AANA to revise the Code of Ethics and stop letting Australian advertisers get away with sexism and objectification.

For years, the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has turned a blind eye to sexism in advertising, because it’s not specifically mentioned in the advertisers’ Code of Ethics.

Take this recent ruling from the ASB on the demeaning and objectifying ‘Hot Girls Eat Free’ ads at a local Sydney pub. While the board noted the ad was ‘objectifying’, they added…

“However… the Code does not prohibit such advertising unless the advertising material could be considered to be discriminatory or vilifying.”

It’s simply unacceptable.  

While our government is executing the ‘National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children’, we have a self-regulatory advertising system that gives the green light to sexism and objectification. 

Join the call for a simple solution!

The research is clear that…

  • Sexually objectifying portrayals of women are harmful – especially to young girls.
  • Exposure can lead to higher levels of body dissatisfaction, greater support of sexist beliefs and greater tolerance of sexual violence toward women.

But the good news is, there’s a simple solution to this problem – the AANA simply needs to update their Code of Ethics to ensure advertisers are kept accountable for sexist and objectifying material.

Sign the petition below to call on the ASB and the AANA to revise the Code of Ethics and stop letting Australian advertisers get away with sexism and objectification.

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    Its time advertisers stopped using sex and the objectification of anyone, man, woman or child to sell their products or services. The australian government has a responsibility to put rules and guidelines in place to stop companies overstepping the boundries of decency with severe financial punishments when they wont comply
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    I am really appauled at the way that females are depicted among australian media! As my young male/female child is growing up in this world, I want it to be a safe one where he/she can express themselves freely.
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    Melissa North
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    Policy must deal with this
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    Sexist ads are harmful to men and women. Sign the petition to update the code of ethics!
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    Stop objectifying women.
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    For years I have been disgusted by the pornified images posted at the front of the Honey Birdette Store in Indooroopillly, Queensland. I have never actually made a complaint, but the time has come. They have gone too far. A life-sized picture of Santa with a lingerie- clad woman straddling him – with Santa about to spank her bottom… with the words.. “Sorry kids, we have given Santa the night off.”

    Westfield should be a family friendly place. This particular store is located just up the escalator from where children are lining up to sit on Santa’s knee for photos. The shop is visible from that position a well as the 2 escalators (up and down) that children take to visit Santa. The poster is even addressed to kids!!!!!

    Westfield need to show some social responsibility on behalf of their customers and use their power to do the right thing.

    I have emailed my complaint to Westfield management.

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