Buyinvite exposed selling child sexual abuse themed sex toys for men

*Content Warning- products and product descriptions may be distressing*

Last week Collective Shout activists exposed online fashion club Buyinvite for selling a range of paedophilic sex toys for men, including sex toys modelled on the vaginas of young girls. One of these items is the Hustler Barely Legal Pussy, accompanied by the product description below:

"It is always good to teach them while they are young! The Hustler toy Barely Legal Pussy is a tight little virgin eager to please a man like you."

This item was only the tip of the iceberg, with a wide range of sex toys promoting derogatory and racist stereotypes of women, "thirsty sluts", women of  colour ("Choco Pussy"), Latina women ("Latina Pussy"), Asian women ("foxy far East f**k sluts"), "MILFs" and teens. (*caution* see here and here )

Buyinvite also fetishised school girls, with a variety of sexy school girl outfits alongside the disturbing product description, "Good morning little schoolgirl."

Collective Shout's Melinda Liszewski tweeted the company with images of content they were selling. (Scroll down to see the interchange on Twitter.)

Buyinvite responded that they had removed the offending items, but it was quickly evident that while they had removed one item - the "Barely Legal" sex toy - a similar "teen" item was returned to sale with a slightly modified description. *content warning* See here. By this time, the Hustler Barely Legal Pussy toy, promoting sex with "Daddy's little girl" was sold out. 

Buyinvite is one of many retailers we have come across around the country that are selling child sexual abuse themed sex toys or pornography. How is this allowed? We cannot as a society condemn rampant child sexual abuse while eroticising this same abuse of children as a fantasy. 

We are pleased to report that these paedophilic sex toys are no longer available on Buyinvite's website. Speaking out creates change!

See examples below- warning, graphic content.

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