Carl's Jr poke fun at past sexualisation of women


The media is all a buzz over Carl's Jr new approach to advertising, claiming they are ditching the sexualisation of women and instead focussing on ingredients and taste.


But is this actually the case? The latest ad pokes fun at the company's past advertising techniques, creating a fictional character to land the blame on. 

The sexualisation of women and girls is a serious issue. And one that has devastating consequences on the mental health and well being of young women. If companies are serious about cleaning up their act they will find new and creative ways to promote their business that do not involve the lazy technique of using the objectification of women. 

In February 2016 Coralie Alison from Collective Shout, a group which opposes the sexualisation of women, slammed the chain’s raunchy advertising strategies ahead of its arrival in Australia.

“We find the advertising Carl’s Jr has used in other countries to be exploitative and degrading to women,” Ms Alison told The New Daily.

“They have actually claimed that they are going to have sexy double meanings in their advertising.

“With Carl’s Jr coming in, and using the same type of sexist, exploitative advertising, it is damaging for the community who lives in that area.”

In earlier comments Collective Shout branded Carl’s Jr’s marketing as “porn-themed ads”.

We look forward to seeing Carl's Jr continue to shift their advertising in a new direction.

Other companies such as Unilever have also come out and claimed they will be taking a new direction with their advertising. This makes sense from a business point of view given that the research actually shows that sex doesn't sell after all

Collective Shout encourages companies to sign the Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge

Read the history on Carl's Jr here


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