Child s*x abuse dolls found on ecommerce platform Shopee

Ecommerce platform Shopee was recently exposed for selling child sex abuse dolls, some even in school uniform. 

A Twitter user posted about them after her friend came across them online. The post quickly went viral and has, at the time of writing, had 6.3M views. The listings confirmed that previous buyers had already purchased the child s*x abuse dolls and some had even left reviews of the products. 

Shopee officially replied on Twitter:

We immediately removed these listings from our platform as soon as we became aware of this matter, and we have permanently banned the associated seller accounts.

This type of abhorrent content has no place on our platform, and we are conducting a site-wide review to ensure our users are protected from such listings. We are also investigating the sellers involved.

At Shopee, we are committed to providing all our users with a safe, reliable, and enjoyable shopping experience, and we have zero tolerance for the sale of offensive items on our platform.

We require our sellers to adhere to our policies as well as local government regulations, and we take stern action against sellers who do not comply.

But why were these products allowed to be uploaded and sold in the first place. According to the reviews on the listings the products had been for sale for over a year. Why does it take members of the public calling this out for companies to make changes? eCommerce platforms must to exercise corporate social responsibility when it comes to hosting harmful products. 


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