WIN: Twitter's mass child sex abuse doll takedown

25 accounts down in 48 hours after our reports

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In the last 48 hours we got more than 25 child sex abuse doll sellers, promoters and advocates removed from Twitter.

Source: Twitter

This is the first time Twitter has acted so quickly after our reports.

Engagement Coordinator Coralie Alison tweeted Twitter Trust and Safety head Ella Irwin to ask what could be done to uphold Twitter's 'zero tolerance' stance on child exploitation after we discovered a large number of child sex abuse doll sellers operating on the platform.

Companies included live links to online stores where anatomically correct dolls modelled on the bodies of prepubescent and even toddler girls - marketed for men's sexual use - could be purchased. 

Some companies offer dolls made in the likeness of real children, based on images supplied by customers.

We identified 11 companies (and several affiliates) in our initial investigations. There are many more though.

CSA doll "photography" + "bloggers"

Some pro child sex abuse doll accounts have thousands of followers. Some are said to be dedicated to "doll photography". Others, described as "doll accounts", present content from the perspective of the dolls, as though they are real, living little girls.

19.5k followers: Child sex abuse 'love doll' blogger + advocate on Twitter

The dolls are portrayed as 'daughters'; the owners as their 'fathers'.

Sometimes the [replica] girls are portrayed wanting to be abused.

Accounts linked to Pornhub, Prostasia

One Twitter account linked to a verified Pornhub account where child sexual abuse videos made using a doll are published. 

Another Twitter user - evidently operating several accounts and providing links to online stores - used this account to promote a particular brand of child sex abuse dolls to English speaking men. (We have censored some images.)

The new child sex abuse doll store's Twitter account was promoted by this Twitter user who claimed he started the shop.

This Twitter user frequently published child sex abuse doll promos on his account, including this one featuring a replica toddler girl :

After we reported the new child sex abuse doll store's account (and others apparently owned by the same Twitter user) and it was removed, a man with a newly created account responded to Coralie on Twitter to object to our efforts to have child sex abuse doll accounts removed from Twitter. He identified himself as a member of US-based pro-pedophilia group, Prostasia Foundation

The man had a link in his bio to the same online store as the previously deleted account belonging to the "official" child sex abuse doll brand vendor we caught flogging child sex abuse dolls to English speaking men.

The website's content had been changed significantly however, and instead of listings for child sex abuse dolls, the store now promotes "mannequins" described as "perfect for clothing modelling". The "mannequin" brand, shop name and website URL are all indicative of the previously listed child sex abuse dolls. 

This is how other online sellers list the brand's child sex abuse dolls:

We will be forwarding our evidence to the relevant authorities.

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Update: More CSA doll accounts GONE

Twitter removed another 21 accounts since we first announced the win - that's 46 in total so far!

Stay tuned for more.

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