Etsy locks down search terms - but we need to keep the pressure up

Update from petition starter Anna Cordell

E-commerce giant Etsy appears to have blocked search terms related to child sex abuse dolls. 

Watch the update from Melbourne songwriter, musician, fashion designer and mum-of-five Anna Cordell:

In 2021, Anna started a change-dot-org petition calling on e-commerce giant Etsy to stop flogging child s*x abuse dolls + incest and child s*xual abuse themed merch.

After two-and-a-half years we are pleased to see changes on Etsy that will help slow the global trade in child sexual abuse material.

But Etsy has a long way to go. It is still profiting from a wide range of merch which eroticises, normalises and trivialises child sexual abuse and puts real girls at risk.

We need to keep the pressure on Etsy's corporate heads. No company should be profiting from the idea that girls want to be raped by their fathers - let alone one like Etsy which claims to be 'keeping commerce human'.

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