Child Protection Advocates condemn TeePublic child abuse baby clothes

Prominent Australian adolescent and child advocates have joined us in condemning ecommerce company TeePublic for its range of children's clothing normalising child sexual abuse and violence against women.


Leading adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg, parenting author Maggie Dent, Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston, cybersafety expert Susan McLean and Sydney lawyer and child safeguarding expert Maha Melhem have publicly criticised the company.








We first contacted TeePublic/Articore 6 weeks ago. While a handful of offensive onesies were removed, large numbers remain - such as these.

Screenshot_2024-04-08_at_12.29.55 PM.png

Screenshot_2024-04-09_at_3.29.05 PM.png

Screenshot_2024-04-09_at_4.34.56 PM.png

Screenshot_2024-04-09_at_4.09.49 PM.png

Screenshot_2024-04-09_at_5.37.23 PM.png

Screenshot_2024-04-09_at_5.39.52 PM.png

Screenshot_2024-04-09_at_5.52.56 PM.png

Screenshot_2024-04-09_at_5.53.58 PM.png

We hope this line-up of influential and respected names might force Articore to take decisive action and do a thorough audit of its platform.

We have compiled a list of investor and shareholders who are propping up this unethical company. We'll be releasing that soon.

Teepublic flogs child abuse onesies and incites violence against women

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