Honey Birdette

***Petition: STOP Honey Birdette porn-style ads in family friendly shopping centres.***

Collective Shout responds to common defences of Honey Birdette sexploitation

Honey Birdette is a serial sexploitation offender. The sex shop, located in shopping centres around the country, has attracted hundreds of complaints for its sexist advertising. Ad Standards has investigated complaints over almost thirty separate advertisements, upholding half, but Honey Birdette continues to sexually objectify women. Read full article


Playboy Group acquires Westfield-resident sex shop chain Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette solidifies union with porn brand

'Choking women is sexy': Honey Birdette ads eroticise violence against women

Named 'champions for women' host BDSM-strangulation ads in their malls 'Choking is sexy, women love to be choked'. That's the message Honey Birdette is broadcasting...

Ad Standards endorses Honey Birdette upskirting ads after new porn style ads are released

[*Updated*] Repeat offender untouchable under ad industry self regulation Honey Birdette has rolled out a new porny ad campaign - before the self-regulated industry “watchdog”...

Ad industry self-regulation allows pornified representations of women in sport in shopping centres

Sex shop given free rein to broadcast sexist and demeaning portrayals of female athletes

Upskirting pics of women playing tennis in lingerie: on display at a mall near you

So-called ‘Male Champions of Change’ shopping centre CEOs facilitating objectification of women in sport while claiming to ‘stamp out sexism’

Ad Standards upholds Honey Birdette Complaint: "The images are similar to ones stereotypically seen in a men’s magazine or calendar"

Once again "The advertiser has not provided a response to the Panel's determination"

12 ways Honey Birdette disempowers women and girls

Despite broadcasting objectifying and pornified representations of women, reinforcing sexist and harmful stereotypes about women and sexuality, and accusations of bullying and harassing young female...

Sex shop 3-way bondage-Santa: Happy Christmas from your local shopping mall

Honey Birdette rolls out new porny window displays just in time for XMAS holidays  The presence of Santa in public places like shopping malls naturally...

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