Honey Birdette

***Petition: STOP Honey Birdette porn-style ads in family friendly shopping centres.***

Collective Shout responds to common defences of Honey Birdette sexploitation

Honey Birdette is a serial sexploitation offender. The sex shop, located in shopping centres around the country, has attracted hundreds of complaints for its sexist advertising. Ad Standards has investigated complaints over almost thirty separate advertisements, upholding half, but Honey Birdette continues to sexually objectify women. Read full article


Honey Birdette founder demands special treatment from Ad Standards (again)

According to the Courier Mail, Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan is “incensed” that Ad Standards is investigating a complaint against an image on the sex...

Honey Birdette's corporate misogyny and the men who profit

Sex shop brand's female face a front for male profiteers Sex shop retailer Honey Birdette spouts a great deal about female 'empowerment'. Despite the talk,...

"Blissfully bound”: Honey Birdette eroticisation of violence harms women

Content Warning - sex shop advertising, depicts eroticised violence against women For years, Honey Birdette sex shops have relied on sexist and objectifying representations of...

"Are they selling orgies?" Honey Birdette customer backlash over rainbow washed orgy stunt

"This legit looks like a cutout from a porno flick"

Media release: Lesbians condemn Honey Birdette's new 'Pride' campaign

Lesbians have slammed sex shop Honey Birdette for fetishising and objectifying lesbians in its latest ad campaign. The ‘Fluid’ campaign, set to coincide with the...

Rainbow washing: Lesbians condemn Honey Birdette 'Pride' campaign

"In a world where lesbians are harassed and attacked for our sexuality, for not being available to men, this is a dangerous game to play...

When 'ethical' funds invest in sexploitation

Take action! So-called 'ethical' funds need to demonstrate their point of difference from other super funds.

Honey Birdette's Santa Claus BDSM ad breaches Ad Standards

"...the bodysuit of the woman on the left was extremely high cut and a large amount of the woman’s pubic mound was exposed."

You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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