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***Petition: STOP Honey Birdette porn-style ads in family friendly shopping centres.***

Collective Shout responds to common defences of Honey Birdette sexploitation

Honey Birdette is a serial sexploitation offender. The sex shop, located in shopping centres around the country, has attracted hundreds of complaints for its sexist advertising. Ad Standards has investigated complaints over almost thirty separate advertisements, upholding half, but Honey Birdette continues to sexually objectify women. Read full article


Why is Ad Standards protecting advertisers which objectify women?

Ad Standards' bizarre ruling on sexual harassment ad

Community members abused for lodging complaints against Honey Birdette

Ad Standards transmits abusive advertiser responses to complainants via case reports

Media Release: Flight Attendant slams Honey Birdette

For Immediate Release: Flight Attendant slams Honey Birdette ad campaign sexualising female cabin crew

“It makes my job harder”: Flight attendant responds to Honey Birdette pornified ad campaign

“It's not empowering or uplifting, but rather just reinforcing negative stereotypes and negative attitudes towards women in the airline industry.” [UPDATE] More Cabin Crew come...

Ad Standards gives green light to Honey Birdette “ultimate bondage babe” Instagram image

Ad Standards still failing to grasp the concept of sexual objectification

"Honey Birdette Airlines": female cabin crew reduced to sexualised props in new ad campaign

Does "Honey Birdette Airlines" provide sexual services?

Honey Birdette founder demands special treatment from Ad Standards (again)

According to the Courier Mail, Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan is “incensed” that Ad Standards is investigating a complaint against an image on the sex...

Honey Birdette's corporate misogyny and the men who profit

Sex shop brand's female face a front for male profiteers Sex shop retailer Honey Birdette spouts a great deal about female 'empowerment'. Despite the talk,...

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