Letter challenges newspaper's porn ad

Learn Italian, play skirmish, do gymnastics, get some porn

Following on from Ryl Harrison's article challenging Makita's sexist advertising which featured some great examples of letter writing, we thought you might like to read this letter which Rose has sent to her local newspaper.

Local newspapers increasingly have this odd mix of family and community stories alongside invitations to visit the local brothel or sex shop. Rose decided it was worth speaking up about. On'ya Rose! We look forward to hearing their response.

Dear Ms Davis,

I would like to draw your attention to Page 18 and 19 in the recent issue of your paper. It is the "Education" component of the paper. Page 19 specifically has a delightful piccie of proud grandma Maria LoGiudice and little Milana. A page of that issue that was no doubt handed around family and friends and will be treasured by Milana and her grandmother in years to come. Sadly though, Page 19 also has a "Purely Adult" ad right next Mrs LoGiudice's face.

Can you pause for a moment and read the text quoted in the inverted commas in the ad?

Why... on a page that has Education information, YMCA kiddies gym ads and Skirmish ads do we need to be assaulted by a silhouette of what is clearly a porn image, and that quote?

Given the ever increasing numbers of violent sexual abuse in our society - including the bikeway rapes that were so heavily covered by your paper -  it is irresponsible to publish a quote that says "Sex is the question and YES! is the answer!" which says to me that it's not ok to say "NO".  There is so much non-consensual sex happening with our children, our teens and women in general that I am really shocked that you let this ad get published.

While I'm writing on this topic - I'll also add another point which is obvious to some, but possibly not to others ....... Do you see the link at all between the amount of news we are currently hearing about human trafficking, AND the fact that many of the Adult Services advertisements in your paper (and indeed all papers) are promoting non-Australian workers. Just something to think about, and may even be worth investigating.


Rose Martin

What's in your local paper? You might want to follow Rose's lead by writing a letter of your own.

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