Wollombi bans Wicked Campers. Others must do the same.

Earlier this year news broke that festival promoter Adrian Buckley had made the executive decision to ban Wicked Camper vans from all future Wollombi music festival events. 


Adrian spoke to Collective Shout co founder Melinda Tankard Reist and explained that Wicked Campers does not represent any of their festival values. They wanted to send a strong message, not only to Wicked Campers, but also to the wider community and decided to ban the vans outright. 

In the past Wollombi music festival had encouraged people to not bring the offensive vans into the festival but decided as of this year they needed to go one step further and ban them altogether. 

Adrian's hope is that all festivals would ban Wicked Campers as a business until they change their ways. 

Collective Shout is officially calling on four main festivals to join Wollombi and ban Wicked Camper vans from all future events: 

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