Nandos' sexual innuendo is exhausting

Nandos is at it again. Using tired old sexual innuendo to sell their products. Perhaps they haven't seen the research that sex doesn't sell after...

Cross'em off your Xmas list 2011

Don't pay for Sexploitation this holiday season It's that time of year again. The time of year when companies ramp up their advertising in order...

Nandos: treating women like meat for 'Little Hotties' promotion

[UPDATED] Nandos has continued its tradition of objectifying women through their latest promotion ‘Little Hotties.’ The 'Little Hotties' microsite for the promotion includes a video of...

Nandos ad in top 5 complained about of all time

 "The Board considered the pole dancing scene and the woman's near nudity. The Board noted that the woman's breasts were covered (albeit by her hands),...

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