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What would you do if you found this flyer on your car?

Adelaide resident Rebekah Reilly had heard about Adelaide's "Bikini Massage" parlour and like many residents, was concerned about the nature of the business and the explicit shop front advertising.

When visiting a local shopping centre, Rebekah found that the business had distributed hundreds of flyers to cars in the car park. The flyers featured explicit images and text advertising "bikini massage" services and recruiting "girls" for employment. The flyers were removed by Castle Plaza Shopping centre management following complaints from shoppers.

Click here to view the flyers - caution: we have blurred the image, but still explicit.

Rebekah contacted the City of Marion Council, to ask why "Bikini Girls Massage" was allowed to distribute the flyers in the first place. Council advised that there were no by-laws governing the distribution of flyers from businesses onto private property such as shopping centre car parks and letter boxes.

Rebekah has started a petition on calling for council to revise these by-laws:

I am calling on the City of Marion to revise council by-laws to prevent the distribution of sexually explicit advertisements within the council area - including privately owned car-parks and residents' letter boxes.

I have started this petition following an offensive advertisement for "Bikini Girls Massage" featuring images of barely-dressed women, which I found distributed to cars at my local shopping centre. I believe advertising of this sort contributes to the objectification of women, and normalises an unrealistic image of women and their sexuality. I find it offensive to myself, and believe it sends damaging messages to my young daughter. If you live, work or shop within the Marion Council, please sign this petition to show your support for restricting this kind of advertising.
Click here to sign the petition 

Please support Rebekah's campaign by sharing this article and the petition with friends and networks, especially those in Adelaide. Together we can make a difference!

An article about the petition was recently featured in Adelaide's Guardian Messenger:


"Bikini Girls Massage" was recently in the news due to its position near schools and explicit shop front advertising. Collective Shout's SA coordinator Nicole Jameson spoke out about this on Channel 9 news. 


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