Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator

In 2013 and 2015, Collective Shout campaigned against rapper Tyler the Creator performing in Australia. This was due to the misogynistic and violent themes in his act which he was set to perform in front of all-age audiences. You can read about the history of the campaign in the articles below.

Pro-rape rapper verbally abuses Collective Shout activist at Sydney show 2013

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Why Do Hundreds of Men Want to Rape and Kill Coralie Alison?

After Tyler the Creator tagged Coralie Alison in a Tweet claiming he had been banned from entering Australia, our Operations Manager was subjected to an...

Watch: Complex News reports on Tyler the Creator campaign

Via Complex News  "Tyler, The Creator tweeted this afternoon that he's been banned from entering the country and thus canceled his upcoming tour dates. Over...

Solidarity with Coralie Alison as Tyler the Creator fans send death threats

US rapper Tyler the Creator has announced that he has been banned from Australia. This is yet to be confirmed by the Department of Immigration,...

Caitlin Roper on Triple J Hack discusses Tyler the Creator

Caitlin Roper was interviewed for Triple J's Hack program following Tyler the Creator's announcement that he had been 'banned' from Australia.

An Open Letter to Triple J- Stop Supporting Tyler the Creator

Collective Shout supporter Sheenah calls on radio station to explain their silence on Tyler the Creator's incitement to violence against women. In 2014 a member...

Inciting violence against women isn't art

Inciting Violence Against Women Isn’t ‘Art’, and Tyler the Creator Shouldn’t Be Granted Entry

Coralie Alison discusses online abuse during Tyler the Creator campaign

Listen to the interview with Samantha Walker  

Deny visa for Tyler the Creator: letter to Immigration Minister

The Hon. Mr Peter Dutton MPParliament House Ministerial OfficeMinister for Immigration and Border Protection Dear Minister,

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