Collective Shout speaks out on hyper-sexualised mural

Controversy has arisen in Northbridge due to a mural featuring a sexualised, anime-inspired character that is being criticised for the way it presents women. Collective Shout Youth Advocate and Educator Daniel Principe spoke with Oly Peterson on 6PR’s Perth Live.

"I don't think this is helpful or healthy for our community."

"I think it is a sexualised depiction of what is either a young woman or an underage girl which is a very common theme in anime."

"At the end of the day kids are everywhere. People have to look at this, we live here too."

"It's harmful to adults and it's harmful to children." 

"There's this idea that this is edgy now. But this is pretty old hat now, these kinds of depictions have been done to death. It would be nice if people actually tried to do something that actually confronted injustices or power imbalances rather than reinforce a lot of cultural messages about women's bodies being pieces of meat and young girls being up for grabs. I don't think it's subversive, I think it's a pretty toxic, overdone trope." 

"We have to have community standards. We have to do things that are in the public interest that are not harmful."

" I would have thought the City of Perth would take an interest in what's on display in their city and the type of things that they want to be seen to either be tolerating or not."

"The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. And I don't accept this."

‘Hyper-sexualised’: Northbridge ‘mural’ causing community controversy


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