Even kids cartoon characters not off limits: Disney princesses featured on Pornhub

Content warning- this post contains content that may be distressing

Pornhub has been exposed hosting videos of rape, child sexual abuse and sex trafficking on its platform. Our latest discovery is Disney cartoon porn- virtual or animated content featuring children’s favourite Disney characters engaging in hardcore porn sex acts including multiple penetrations, BDSM and what appears to be gang rape. 

We tweeted the Walt Disney Company here and here and asked them if this material was a copyright violation. Please proceed with caution- we have blurred the images, but they are distressing. 

Rapunzel.pngAn image of Disney's Rapunzel on Pornhub

Why is the world's biggest porn site hosting porn of beloved children's cartoon characters? Who are they hoping to attract?

Hosting pornography depicting beloved children’s characters is just one way the porn industry markets to children. The industry also studies children’s common keystroke errors in order to direct them to porn sites and in Australia, advertises pornography and prostitution in the public space, including advertising live-streamed sex shows on the very buses taking them to school.

This is not the only time Disney characters have been sexualised and misused. This week Kmart swiftly withdrew a Frozen II girls diary after a parent discovered a list of sex toys and sexual positions inside. 



After we exposed Pornhub using Disney characters in hardcore porn videos here, The Sun published this piece on Pornhub's predatory marketing tactics to children.

Anti-porn activist groups are claiming that Pornhub uses images of Disney princesses and other cartoons engaging in explicit sex acts to lure in kids.

Collective Shout, a women-centric group, accused the pornography website of hosting altered videos of children’s cartoon characters that show them performing hardcore sex acts.

“Why is the world’s biggest porn site hosting porn of beloved children’s cartoon characters? Who are they hoping to attract?” wrote activist Caitlin Roper in an op-ed published on Collective Shout’s site last Monday.

The piece also reported claims that Pornhub intentionally tagged hardcore porn videos with the names of children’s cartoon characters like “Paw Patrol” so that children searching those terms would end up on the porn site. 

Baby_Yoda_pornhub.jpgPornhub posted this image on their Instagram account.

Exodus Cry also exposed Pornhub using social media apps like TikTok and Snapchat to lure children. 

Read the article here.

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