No Facebook, you're not doing enough to protect children.

  1. According to Fox News Facebook stated “Any content that endangers or exploits children is unthinkable and has no place on Instagram. We have policies that prohibit this type of content, and we use proactive technology to find and remove content that poses a risk to children. We’re constantly working on more ways to help prevent this behaviour on our platform.”

But we've found countless comments that have been up on underage girls' photos for up to a year. How is this using "proactive technology"? We've also reported hundreds of comments, many of which have taken weeks to get actioned and often the reply from Instagram is that they do not violate community guidelines. 

These comments here are from 27 weeks ago and 14 weeks ago. Also a comment regarding a topless shoot on a child's picture apparently did not violate Instagram's community guidelines:

Here's an example of comments from a man describing his desire to sexually assault a girl which apparently do not violate Instagram's community guidelines. And another example of a comment that had been up for 54 weeks:

This comment describing the sexual assault of and underage girl had been up for 38 weeks when we found it:

Here is a sample of 100+ comments we found on Instagram on pictures of underage girls:

  1. Sexy girl
  2. Mmm sexy
  3. Delicious
  4. Snack
  5. Hot little tidbit
  6. I can make you scream daddy
  7. You can sit down on my legs so that I can get hard
  8. Eggplant/squirt emojis signifying penis/sex abuse/masturbation/ejaculation
  9. Wow I’d love to spread those legs
  10. Cute budding breasts
  11. Yummy candy my favourite dessert + emojis signifying penis/sex abuse/masturbation/ejaculation
  12. Wanna jump on top of you laying like this
  13. I wanna slide in that so bad
  14. Beautiful ass out from water
  15. Love the pics of you in your cut lil panties. I hope you post more like this.
  16. Sit on my face like that
  17. Hello I am a young model scout and i am looking for a designer model. If you are interested write me pm
  18. Cooling off that hot ass? Nice
  19. I wish i could see more of you - send me a picture
  20. Sexy pussy
  21. So hot n sexy body
  22. I want to eat your everything if you don’t mind are you ready
  23. Wow body and boobs and facking nice 
  24. Such kissable full lips
  25. Nice pussy
  26. What is your snapchat name
  27. Yummmm
  28. Let me have porn sex for you
  29. Guess you like opening your legs
  30. Ooh la la + emojis signifying penis/sex abuse/masturbation/ejaculation
  31. Cute little tooshy
  32. Why did you have to cut off the best part of the pics. Still so sexy tho. Call me
  33. You are so dam yummy babe. When u going to pose in Victoria Secret outfits next
  34. Emojis signifying 'horny', penis/sex abuse/masturbation/ejaculation
  35. Uff so delicious
  36. I want lick
  37. Ahhhhh + emojis signifying penis/sex abuse/masturbation/ejaculation
  38. Stop cover up your body
  39. Imagine what am doing..10 inches n am cumming imaginit
  40. Hot wet pants
  41. I find it amazingly convenient that a specific area is wet
  42. Having that beautiful pair of legs on my shoulders and putting my penis in that beautiful ass
  43. Sweet camel toe; young camel toe; awesome lips, very edible and pokable
  44. I would love to fuck you SO HARD
  45. Fucking cutie be mine
  46. Super sexy for such a little girl
  47. You have the most ridiculously perfect sweet tender ass cheeks in the world.
  48. I want you
  49. That is so hot. You just made me …
  50. Mmm yummy
  51. Beautiful. Super cute in bare feet 
  52. Yes now stay like that – rape emojis
  53. Double penetration
  54. Looks like a fun group of girls. Wonder if they would do a private dance
  55. Hot AF, bootylicious
  56. Sweet and yummy
  57. Mmm hot sexy body
  58. I like you beautiful
  59. Nice legs
  60. Can you do a stretching vid without a skirt on in undies that are way too tight
  61. Want you caress and kiss you my love
  62. I always love your tight panties. Thanks for the great position
  63. Extreme cameltoe
  64. Yummy body
  65. Can I massage you
  66. The view from behind must be amazing
  67. I’ll put you on the bed n slowly take all your clothes off
  68. Would love to get soapy with you
  69. Dam you’re sexy goddam you’re hot
  70. Camel toe - squirt emoji
  71. Yeah I like to put it – rape emoji
  72. Can you jump up and down and make them wobble more plz
  73. Beautiful. Nice crotch
  74. I wanna slide in that and fill it up
  75. Let me suck your toes
  76. Hot sexy baby
  77. You are so sexy
  78. I love you sexy lady
  79. Sexy sexy sexy sexual lady
  80. You delicious, beautiful to eat
  81. Cute butt
  82. You’re getting way too sexy little girl
  83. Topless shoot would be so erotic
  84. Yes love that shorts. When it’s come off baby
  85. I’ll take you from the front or back baby..both my sweet little hot box
  86. (I like) the front while lying on your back preferably with your legs spread open
  87. Lovely cameltoe
  88. I know she got a fat lil pussy
  89. I bet you look amazing in those (underwear) I hope you show us
  90. Ok I’m going out of line - you put it (underwear) on I take it off
  91. Great pix - I was trying to imagine with less clothes
  92. Panty lines so cute
  93. I’d love to do that with you (pic of 2 girls in gymnastics pose)
  94. Wow mine would go in so smooth
  95. Sit on my face
  96. Yummy baby
  97. Stretch that labia
  98. Are you really 10..Please open your legs
  99. I busted a good night to this one
  100. Looks like she's getting it ball deep, very hot
  101. I masturbated to her
  102. I'm hungry for it
  103. el dedo en la vagina (the finger in the vagina)
  104. I'm in need of a sugar baby that I will spoil with shopping allowance and gift. DM if interested USA only
  105. I eat you
  106. I pay for meeting you
  107. You wear bra?
  108. Care to be my sugar baby?
  109. She's got legs for dayyyys (pic of 6yo girl)
  110. You pose so perfect for tongue workout
  111. That is such a naughty look in your eyes
  112. So hot be perfect for you to take it
  113. One sexy little princess
  114. I thought cum in your face
  115. I wish I was that pumpkin your sitting on
  116. I better start tossing some money at you
  117. fancy a drink?
  118. Your vagina is little
  119. Sexy legs small boobs
  120. I wanna lick your pussy and ass
  121. Love to taste your butt hole an lick your wet pussy
  122. OMG anal licking
  123. Let me put my dick in ur asshole
  124. Her face after getting a massive cock in her fat pussy

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