Harmful Wicked Campers' vans face deregistration in NT

Wicked Campers' vans with banned slogans will not be able to be registered in the Northern Territory and pressure is on for other jurisdictions to follow suit. 


A spokeswoman for the Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics minister, Nicole Manison, said the NT already had safe guards in place if the vehicles attempted to be registered in the NT with offensive content on them.

“The Northern Territory’s Motor Vehicles Act allows the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to cancel registration of vehicles which are “a source of annoyance to the public”, which likely includes vehicles displaying sexist, discriminatory or otherwise offensive advertising,” she said.

“Should it become necessary for the Northern Territory Government to cancel vehicle registration for offensive advertising, Northern Territory legislation already provides an adequate mechanism to do so.”

Last week The QLD government released a statement to announce that commercial operators who refuse to remove offensive slogans from their vehicles will have their registrations cancelled under new laws coming into force next month.

Campaigning against Wicked Campers' harmful slogans has been an ongoing battle with Collective Shout calling on the community to take action since 2014

Due to the failures of the Advertising Standards Bureau's self regulatory system there are currently no penalties for businesses who do not comply with the boards determinations and the ASB have no power to enforce their rulings. 

We encourage all who would like to see changes to this system to write to their MP and have provided some simple steps on how to do that here

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