Roll'd 'Hot Noods' promotion exploits staff and exposes young women to sexual harassment

Teenage staff given 'Hot Noods' t-shirts to wear

We recently received correspondence from a Canberra mother who said her daughter - who works for Vietnamese restaurant chain ‘Roll’d’ - had received a promotional t-shirt she was expected to wear as part of her work uniform. Emblazoned across the front of the shirt are the words “Hot noods.”

On its Facebook page the company uses the term with the caption '#HOTNOODS for slurping not sending…' accompanied by a photo of a bowl of noodles. The company is advertising spicy noodles with a sexual pun; ‘noods’ refers to ‘nudes' as in 'Hot nudes' or 'Send nudes.' 

When we visit schools a consistent problem young women report to us is the pressure they are under to 'send nudes' to boys. Some have told us they receive these unsolicited requests daily. Girls who comply are often assured by the recipient that he will never share the photo with anyone else. Of course he always does. The girl is then left with the embarrassment and constant anxiety about where her image will end up next.

The mother was understandably upset that her daughter was expected to act as a billboard for the companies sexualised advertising. Did the company think about how their staff might feel about having to wear such an item or work in an environment with this advertising?

That a company employing these young women would try to capitalise on the sexual harassment they experience daily is nothing short of sexual exploitation. Using them as vehicles for cheap sexual puns exposes them to even more sexual harassment in the workplace.

The mother contacted the company and received a reply from a representative that underage staff members wouldn’t be required to wear the shirts. But this isn’t good enough. Why is anyone of any age required to wear the shirts? Why are they using sexual harassment to advertise their restaurant?

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The bio for Roll'd Instagram invites users to 'Tag #rolld to share your saucy snaps!' Feel free to use this image and tag with #Rolld #sexualharassmentnotajoke

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