Child rape survivor speaks out on SHEIN sexy 'schoolgirl' outfits

*Trigger warning* Child sexual abuse

Recently we launched a campaign to get SHEIN to dump g-strings for toddlers and 'squishy' penis toys. SHEIN quietly removed the products from their website. Now we are asking SHEIN to clean up their site and remove all harmful sexy 'schoolgirl' outfits.


Collective Shout have previously called on Etsy to also dump the harmful products.

Survivor, Molly Skye Brown, replied to our campaign regarding sexualised school girls. 

"I was targeted for my innocence as a child. I went to Catholic school, and I was targeted by a father in our neighborhood. I was wearing my Catholic school uniform the day he finally got me into his room after stalking me for three years since the age of 6. I did not understand what was happening during the attack but these school uniforms are not to be sexualized. They need to be a safe place for children. Please STOP sexualizing CHILDREN. Thank you. Signed a CATHOLIC SCHOOL UNIFORM child rape survivor." Molly Skye Brown

It is time that businesses exercised Corporate Social Responsibility and stopped profiting off child abuse. 

Tell SHEIN to dump their sexy 'schoolgirl' range!

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