Instagram aids child sex abuse doll sellers

Is Australian sex doll "influencer" Rod profiting from the sale of toddler sex abuse dolls?

Australian sex doll owner and advocate ‘Rod’ is a self described “social media influencer”. Last week we exposed how Rod uses his Instagram account to drum up sales for a Chinese child sex abuse doll company. This company offers a range of 84 “mini sex dolls” - many modelled on the bodies of prepubescent and even toddler girls. Read more about our investigations here.

Images: Twitter, Instagram

Customers can use Rod’s discount code for purchases. The code features prominently in Rod’s social media content.

In our latest investigation, we tested to see if Rod’s discount code could be used in the purchase of a replica toddler doll. 

We were not surprised to find out it could.

How many men across the globe have used Rod’s promo code to get a discount on their purchases of child sex abuse dolls? And how much money has Rod made from the sale of these products - illegal in his own country? We think this warrants a thorough investigation.

Child-size sex doll? Source: @karina_luvly on Instagram

Australian legislation prohibits the use of a carriage service to advertise childlike sex dolls.

Source: Combatting Child Sexual Exploitation Legislation Amendment Bill 2019

Big tech aids child sex abuse doll trade

Instagram is fuelling the child sex abuse doll trade, giving free rein to companies that sell them to advertise on its platform, and even recommending the companies to us.

After searching for Rod’s page, Instagram served up a string of other accounts openly advertising child sex abuse dolls. They are promoted posed with toys, on beds, and naked.

Source: Instagram

One Instagram account belongs to a Japanese company that specialises in highly customised dolls modelled on real, living women.

It advertises this replica toddler posed with a pacifier in mouth, designed for men’s sexual use, on Instagram. 

The company's account bio links to an online store where explicit images of the replica toddler girl and other child sex abuse dolls can be viewed, and customers can place orders for the dolls.

Instagram also recommended real toddler girls to follow.

Some of the underage girls suggested for us have long been connected to paedophile networks and child exploitation.

We noted that Rod follows underage girls on Instagram.

So do his male followers.

Rod's account bio (@karina_luvly) includes a link directing users to other social media accounts where he promotes a child sex abuse doll company.

Girls at risk

Given some of these companies offer customised sex abuse dolls modelled on images of real children, Instagram is a one-stop shop for child predators to order customised child sex abuse dolls modelled on real, living girls. Men can find their favourite little girl “models” and “influencers” on Instagram then flick their pics over to one of these companies for replication in the form of anatomically correct dolls with penetrable orifices, designed for their sexual use.

We are calling on Instagram to uphold its terms of service and stated commitment to protect children and shut down these accounts.

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