GirlsDoPorn producer sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy and sex trafficking

Ruben Garcia, producer of GirlsDoPorn, has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for conspiracy and sex trafficking, for tricking and coercing women into appearing in pornographic videos.

GirlsDoPorn was a content partner of Pornhub, who hosted and profited from the sex trafficking videos. Victims alleged in a law suit that Pornhub and its parent company Mindgeek knew of the allegations of sex trafficking against GirlsDoPorn, but continued a partnership anyway.

In this video, a young survivor of GirlsDoPorn recounts the devastating impact on her life, and how for years, Pornhub ignored victims pleas to remove the videos, only doing so once GirlsDoPorn was under a federal indictment.

We’ve been documenting Pornhub’s crimes of violence against women and girls since 2016. 

To date, over two million people have signed the #TraffickingHub petition to shut down Pornhub and hold its executives accountable for aiding sex trafficking. In December, after a year-long international campaign and in the wake of a New York Times expose by Nick Kristof, Pornhub removed its download button, as well as 10.6 million videos uploaded by unverified users, and both Mastercard and Visa blocked payments to the site. Pornhub executives have since stood before Canadian Parliament over rape, child abuse and non-consensual videos on their platform. 

In March, we joined forces with 104 sexual exploitation survivors and 525 NGOs from 65 countries calling on the Canadian Government to launch a criminal investigation into Pornhub-parent company MindGeek. Read the open letter here.

We also provided a submission to Canada's House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics in its examination of the conduct of MindGeek - Pornhub's parent company - including allegations of facilitating and distributing Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), non-consensual sexual activity, non-consensually shared images (image-based abuse or IBA) and content created using victims of sex trafficking.

Read more on our fight against Pornhub here. 

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You can defend their right to childhood

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