WIN! Boveda’s bum groping post gone in an hour

Our fifth victory for 2024!

NSW supporter Pat sent our Movement Director MTR this image late Sunday afternoon, posted to the Insta account of Boveda, which describes itself as a ‘Modern Mexican Tequila Bar’ in Thirroul, NSW.


Pat complained directly to Boveda via email. “The harms of sexually objectified portrayals of women are well established,” she wrote, asking the company to remove the post “in order to give all women the honour and respect that they deserve.”

MTR commented on the post yesterday: "Are you encouraging local men to randomly grab women's bums? Why encourage sexual harassment and how is this good for your business?"

Within an hour the post was gone! MTR received a private message from the company which said:

“To show we are taking this matter seriously we have removed the post to ensure no one else is influenced by it.”

Pat also received an email response thanking her for “allowing us to make good.”

Boveda clearly needed to understand that normalising sexual harassment and groping is not ‘modern’. We appreciate their prompt response and trust they won’t repeat this unacceptable behaviour in future.

This latest victory makes win number 5 for 2024!

Thanks to all our supporters who partner with us in challenging everyday sexism like this.

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