General Pants

General Pants

Clothing retailer General Pants has a history of sex industry inspired advertising


The youth clothing retailer has used images of naked women for an ad campaign called "Sex" and required staff - including underage staff - to wear "I love sex" badges. 

The store has plastered the inside of its change rooms with images of prostitution and pornography.

Some stores have featured partially dressed models posed in shop front windows and featured pole dancers performing routines. 

A shop front window advertisement using the theme "Wet Dreams" used images of sexually objectified young women. 

See articles below for more info on General Pants history of sexploitation. 



Ad Standards Board approves General Pants 'Wet Dreams' ad campaign

"...the reference to “wet dreams” is linked primarily to the competition to win an overseas trip to Dubai" - Ad Standards Board, apparently not joking....

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General Pants change room plastered with images of prostitution and pornography

A supporter sent in this photograph of the inside of a General Pants change room. The change room is plastered with images of pornography and...

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General Pants teenage staff forced to wear "I love sex" badges for ad campaign

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General Pants 'Sex' campaign may breach Anti-discrimination Act

Porn inspired ad campaign may create a hostile work environment in which women are sexually harassed by co-workers or customers

General Pants Co. 'censor' new ad campaign

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General Pants pole dancers in shop front windows

This photo was taken April 2009. Pole dancers in shop front windows of a General Pants store, Bourke Street Melbourne.

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