Hey Walmart: Stop flogging Playboy merch!

Recently, we discovered well-known and respected American family brand Walmart selling Playboy merchandise. Its e-commerce platform, walmart.com, has over 1000 listings for Playboy branded products including costumes, clothing, fragrances and jewelry.

Playboy is a global pornography empire with a 70 year history of profiting from the sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children and young people. Since our inception 14 years ago, we have campaigned against this corporate pimp, pornographer and predator and called out retailers who sell its products.

Walmart claims to be “guided by good” and “dedicated to cultivating a culture of integrity and ethical behavior at all times”. 

But by facilitating sales of its merch, Walmart corporation is normalising Playboy, and sending a message that porn-themed products are not only acceptable but good. This despite the documented harms of pornography, especially for our young.

We are calling on CEO Doug McMillon to pull all Playboy products from sale on walmart.com immediately.

Read the letter here.

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Tell Doug and Walmart to pull Playboy from sale!


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