Playboy merchandise

Playboy merchandise

Playboy props up its porn company through merchandising, placing the bunny logo on everything from baby bottles to underwear and car seat covers. Even the RSPCA once sold a Playboy branded dog bed. See below for more on Playboy's history of merchandising in Australia.

Invested in sexploitation: Playboy Group shareholders exposed

Are your hard-earned dollars propping up Playboy?

Pink-cladding: The corporates who use women to cover their sexploitative tracks

Pink-cladding: The strategic placement of women in senior executive roles, used to shield a corporate or organisation from critique for participating in practices which harm...

Honey Birdette pornification of breast cancer endorsed by McGrath Foundation

In 2019 we first exposed Playboy-owned sex store Honey Birdette sexing up breast cancer for profit, utilising the logo of breast cancer charity McGrath Foundation...

Playboy Kids, ‘Centerfold’ and Honey Birdette: Playboy Group’s latest ventures pornifying the globe

We expose Playboy profiteers  In recent years Playboy has promoted itself as a good corporate citizen which ‘values equality’ and ‘advocates for civil rights’. These...

Bin the bunny! Our call to Playboy stockists

WIN! Playboy ANZ forced to remove false retailer listings from website following supporter action

7 News and City Beach pushes porn brand on teens

Responds to backlash with PR spin, gaslights customers objecting to Playboy merch  

City Beach promoting Playboy to teens

Back in 2011, we exposed youth retailer City Beach for flogging porn products to teens. Ten years on, they are doing it again.

Honey Birdette's corporate misogyny and the men who profit

Sex shop brand's female face a front for male profiteers Sex shop retailer Honey Birdette spouts a great deal about female 'empowerment'. Despite the talk,...

Look who we've #CrossedOff our shopping list for 2016

It's that time of year again, already! As Christmas approaches, retailers are kicking it up a notch competing for your business, and Collective Shout releases...

Bras'N'Things forced to pull pornified Playboy video

Lingerie retailer Bras'N'Things has been forced to discontinue a Playboy video ad due to its overtly explicit content.

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