Celebrate 10 years of standing up for girls

On International Day of the Girl you can help us make an even bigger difference in the lives of girls!

From the day Collective Shout was born we have spoken out about the mistreatment of girls in a culture which undermines their wellbeing at every turn.

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Girls bear the brunt of harmful cultural messages which sexualise and objectify them and tell them they are not good enough. They experience high rates of depression, anxiety, body hatred, self-harm and suicidal behaviour. They suffer sexual harassment, sexual assault, cyber-stalking and online abuse.

But thanks to your support we have made significant inroads into this girl-harming culture these past 10 years.

Our multiple wins include:

  • Removal of large numbers of sexualising ads, billboards, clothes, toys and other products
  • Tracking and reporting 1000's of predators on girls' social media pages - with 100’s of predator accounts shut down
  • Instagram putting its ‘Insta for Kids’ roll out on hold following our campaign with global partners
  • Pornhub’s owner MindGeek brought to account for trafficking, rape and underage girl videos due to an international campaign with partners
  • Federal Government instructing eSafety to develop a roadmap for an age verification system to limit kids' exposure to porn
  • Child sex abuse dolls - replica life-like girls, toddlers and babies - removed from e-commerce giant Alibaba
  • Empowering thousands of girls to stand up for themselves and work to change toxic culture

The Children in The Pictures encore screening

As part of our IDG2021 fundraiser, on Saturday we had the special privilege of hosting a virtual screening of The Children in the Pictures, a ground-breaking 5-star documentary highlighting the work of Task Force Argos in fighting the online child sxual abuse pandemic - an issue we have been involved in for years. Many of you have asked if there is another opportunity to see the film - the answer is yes!

An encore screening - including the expert panel discussion which I moderated - will be held on Friday, October 22, 7.30 pm AEDT.

To access your ticket:

  1. Complete your donation of $25 and over here.
  2. Check your inbox for an email from us. It will include a donation receipt and instructions on how to register for the virtual screening.

*If you are unable to attend our second screening but wish to make a donation please click here

Your donation on this special day helps build a better world for all our girls!

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