Honey Birdette disregards ASB ruling; "Nobody tells Honey B when to take down her signage"

Honey Birdette, the sex shop masquerading as a high end lingerie store, continues to blatantly disregard rulings from the Advertising Standards Board in regards to their porn-themed advertising.

Despite the Advertising Standards Board upholding complaints for various large store front posters featuring soft-core porn imagery, including one showing a woman with tape over her nipples, Honey Birdette have highlighted one of the gaping holes in the system of ad industry regulation by refusing to comply with ASB rulings.

So it's no great surprise they've done it again- defiantly.

When the ASB ruled their pornified ads featuring a woman in lingerie alongside a gagged Santa, found in shopping centres around the country, were in breach of codes and standards, Honey Birdette responded as follows on their Facebook page: 


The sex shop was also investigated by the Adelaide council for breaching development laws that barred sex shops from operating out of busy retail areas and family friendly shopping malls. 

Honey Birdette's refusal to stop displaying pornographic material in family shopping centres is just more evidence that ad industry self-regulation does not work.

Read more about sexploitation at Honey Birdette here.

Click here to read the outcome of complaints to the Advertising Standards Board

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