Look who we've #CrossedOff our shopping list for 2016

It's that time of year again, already! As Christmas approaches, retailers are kicking it up a notch competing for your business, and Collective Shout releases our annual blacklist of corporate offenders who have sexualised girls and objectified women throughout the year. These companies do not respect women, they have not changed their ways, and they don't deserve your money. 

You can speak with your wallet and show these companies that sexually exploiting women and girls is bad for business.

Below is our boycott list for 2016:



After years of complaints and our targeted campaign, McDonalds is yet to address the soft porn music videos and ads for breast implants in their family restaurants. 



We've exposed the online marketplace over a number of years for selling a range of pro-rape and paedophilic merchandise. Give Amazon a miss.

Bras N Things


A long time promoter of major porn industry brand Playboy, BNT's advertising has become increasingly pornographic, with the store forced to pull a porn-inspired video advertisement in stores nation wide this year. 



After attracting nationwide criticism over their ads using dominatrix women to sell car parts and accessories, the chain continues to demean women through TV commercials depicting them as mindless bimbos. 

General Pants Co


For years, General Pants have used sexploitation to sell clothing, with change rooms plastered with pornographic imagery, live pole dancing displays and a wide range of sexually objectifying in store advertising. 

Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein are no strangers to sexual objectification, including billboards simulating gang rape to sell jeans, but this year's up skirting themed ad prompted the #ICutCalvin social media response.

Honey Birdette


Honey Birdette is a sex shop masquerading as a high end lingerie store. The store continually flouts advertising standards and codes with its pornographic advertising while promoting the objectification of women as empowerment.



Volley's website says they are "all about rooting", with their ad campaign to sell shoes featured young people in various states of undress in poses suggestive of sexual acts. 

The Body Shop


While The Body Shop claim to be committed to ethical practices, this does not appear to extend to sexually exploitative advertising. 

Total Tools


The hardware store promotes sexist stereotypes and reduces women to 'summer hotties' and props in their advertising material .

Best & Less


From sexist and racist slogans on kidswear to their 'tweenage push-up bra' and bralette sets for two year olds, there are plenty of reasons to shop elsewhere this Christmas season. 



Bonds continues their BOOBS campaign, reducing women to their breasts. Can we expect the equivalent 'BALLS' billboards to sell men's underwear?

Jay Jays


Despite being called out, Jay Jays continued to sell porn t-shirts to their youth market. 

Windsor Smith


Windsor Smith sells shoes, but watching their TV commercials featuring fully clothed men and near naked women as decoration, one might get the wrong idea- or the right one.



KFC failed to take action after customer complaints regarding highly sexualised music videos played in their restaurants. 

Tom Ford


The fashion brand has a long history of using sexist and porn-inspired depictions of women. 

Carls Jr


The burger chain has opened stores this year in NSW and QLD, bringing with them their porn-themed TV commercials. 

Stuart Weitzman


If Stuart Weitzman had any confidence in their shoes, they wouldn't have to rely on naked women to sell them. 



Surf brand Surfstitch sexually objectifies women in its advertising, using a topless young woman to sell clothing in a recent ad campaign. 

Wicked Campers


Wicked Campers have been in the media for all the wrong reasons- sexism, racism, and for inciting violence against women. Founder John Webb thinks this is hilarious but we're not laughing. 

American Apparel


American Apparel have a long history of depicting women in pornified ways to sell clothing items including socks and gloves. 



Guess has a habit of sexually objectifying women to sell products. Someone tell them it's 2016.

Brands that sell global pornography brand Playboy.

Playboy is not just a magazine, but owner and distributor of various porn channels featuring violent and dehumanising hardcore content. The following are retailers that promote and profit from Playboy's misogyny:


Chemist Warehouse



Bras N Things

Looking for some positive alternatives? Check out those companies and brands that have signed our Corporate Responsibility Pledge not to objectify women and sexualise girls. Do you know of any others? Let us know in the comments!

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