Porn themed restaurant 'Cheeky Waffles' coming for Perth kids

"Dick waffle" co claims to be 'kid friendly'

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Cheeky Waffles is about to open up shop in Perth.

The Queensland based food outlet which has close ties with sexploitation trade fair Sexpo (rebranded ‘LoveX’) flogs penis (and vulva) shaped waffles. Its porn themed menu features items including ‘Playboy’, ‘OnlyFans’ and ‘WAP’ (a shout out to Cardi B’s porn themed anthem ‘Wet-As* Pus*y’).


Cheeky Waffles' social media promos feature adults posed mouthing faux (dough) penises (simulating oral sex) and waffles dripping white chocolate sauce from their tips (mimicking male ejaculation).


'Cum*ing to Perth' this September 

Concerned supporters alerted us recently after Cheeky Waffles announced it was opening a store in Perth. So we started asking questions.

Cheeky Waffles promptly removed a comment from Engagement Coordinator Coralie Alison after she questioned the age of their target market: 

Campaigner Lyn Swanson Kennedy urged Cheeky Waffles to NOT come to Perth:

In response, Cheeky Waffles offered a non-apology, deflected concerns about women's and children's safety and shielded itself behind a mission to promote genital 'diversity':

It's unclear how identically sized and shaped replica penises and vulvas pumped out of customised, industrial waffle irons and sold at a profit will help normalise variation in real human genitals. We do know though that pornography shapes men's expectations that women's genitals will look certain way, and that this has seen requests for labiaplasty skyrocket among young women in recent years. These facts are apparently lost on Cheeky Waffles.

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Cheeky Waffles later clarified that it openly welcomes children into its stores, offering them a 'different', 'kid friendly' experience:

We’d like to know how it accomplishes this exactly. Does it lock out its regular dick-and-vulva waffle demanding customers while whipping up batches of traditional treats? Hide its porn themed menus and merch which pay homage to porn, and to sexploitation sites Playboy and OnlyFans? Conceal its sexualised signage? Cover up its cutesy pink loveheart-meets-erect penis logo? 


Cheeky Waffles in-store signage

Do staff (apparently) groomed and expected to exchange 'cheeky' and 'naughty' sexualised banter with customers switch to Wiggles mode when kids enter the store?

Is Cheeky Waffles recruiting minors to flog 'dick' and 'pus*y' waffles?

Lyn responded with concerns about Cheeky Waffles’ claim of being ‘kid friendly’:

She was immediately blocked. No surprises. Companies profiting from porn themed products and contributing to a culture which sexualises and grooms children generally don't like to be challenged about it.

Cheeky Waffles porn themed merch 

Adults pass buck on child safeguarding

We lodged enquiries with the Equal Opportunities Commission (WA), City of Perth, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Department of Commerce (WA). 

City of Perth advised that once the store is opened, concerned community members can contact the police, and lodge complaints about window signage with Ad Standards.

We also contacted the Commissioner for Children and Young People (WA) and are waiting for a response. 

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