Pornography info

Pornography info

Sexual Assault Nurse: Porn Is Turning Children Into Predators

By Jenny Rapson “When I became a SANE nurse, I thought the typical perpetrator was most likely going to be a creepy old man in his...

Never Again? Addressing Sexual Violence Must Include Pornography

[Warning: this article contains graphic descriptions.] Melinda Tankard Reist is a writer, speaker and co-founder of Collective Shout. She co-edited Big Porn Inc: Exposing the...

Girls as young as 12 to be taught how to send naked images in Victorian schools

Schoolgirls as young as 12 will be taught how to send naked selfies in Victorian schools. The ‘Art of safe sexting’ program is to be...

Child sex dolls on Wish were just the beginning- it gets worse

Content warning: This post contains content that may be distressing. 

‘Beat the p***y up’- the way we talk about sex with women

‘Beat the p***y up’ – the way we talk about sex with women  By Jessica Eaton  This blog contains a discussion of violent language to...

Increasing numbers of men seeking treatment for compulsive porn use

Men’s compulsive pornography use has led to increasing numbers seeking treatment, reported the Evening Standard: One Harley Street clinic has reported a 100 per cent...

UK study shows most boys think online pornography is realistic

“Well you see what is happening in porn and you almost get worried about other peoples relationships and it puts me off having any future...

Teens watching “pornography that looks non-consensual”, finds survey

Online child safety advocate Rachel Downie says parents are unaware of about 80 per cent of what their teen engages in on the internet at...

Violence against women in pornography is not a fantasy - it’s reality

*Warning- this blog post contains graphic descriptions of violence in pornography* One of the more common defences of pornography is that it is not ‘real’,...

Jesse Mulligan: We need to take ownership of what porn's doing to NZ kids

OPINION: Psychologists here say we're in the middle of a porn crisis. Just last year an Australian study found 100 percent of boys surveyed were...

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