Westfield "hears" us - then serves up five more years of porn themed sex shop ads

Shopping centres trade women's + kids' safety for porn company profits

In 2017, Westfield told us they "heard" our objections to sex shop Honey Birdette's floor-to-ceiling, objectifying, porn themed Santa ads displayed in their family malls.

This is Westfield's last displayed tweet - to OUR campaigners: 'we hear you', 'thanks', 'we'll keep sharing' your feedback.

But they haven't stopped hosting Honey Birdette's porn style shop window ads.

In fact, things have only got worse.

2018: Oversized pornified portrayals of women in shop windows; exposed genitals; women-as-objects. Care of malls owned by Westfield, Lendlease and other property companies.

In 2019 it was these:

Honey Birdette-Westfield et al, 2020: more porn +BDSM themed ads; orgies galore; plus a 3-way bondage session with Santa. (What better way to get the kids' attention, eh Westfield?)

In 2021 there were sexual choking themed ads which eroticised violence against women. Also, women-as-dogs; near-naked; spread-legged; bare genitals on display. 

And, tennis themed upskirting ads. Hosted by your local (gender equality "champion" for women-led) Westfield mall.

Which brings us to 2022 when Honey Birdette served up hardcore BDSM 'fetish' themed ads; women-as-dogs. And horses. More bare, exposed genitals.

And a merry porny Christmas to the kids. Love from Westfield and friends.

Today, Honey Birdette is owned by porn brand parent company Playboy (PLBY Group). The sex store resides in 45+ locations across the country, in shopping malls owned/operated by Westfield (ScentreGroup), Lendlease, The GPT Group, Mirvac,  Dexus, JLL, Queensland Government (QIC), Stockland, ISPT, AMP Capital, UniSuper, Vicinity Centres and Perron Investments.

It's been five years since Westfield said it "hears" us - while hosting more and more of Honey Birdette's degrading, objectifying porn themed porn themed ads in its malls, and profiting.  

That's not "hearing" us.

Boycott Westfield and other Honey Birdette shopping centre landlords this Christmas - read more here

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